Saturday, September 30, 2017

Extension on Grant Proposals

Dear teachers,

We announced at the Welcome Back session before school that we heard your requests and are giving the grants earlier this year so the deadline was moved to October 1. We sent emails, letters, blog posts and Facebook posts. We placed it on posters plastered around town and at each school site.

However, we left the old deadline on a very important place on our website. It was brought to our attention yesterday that at least one teacher thought the deadline was the old deadline and had been working very hard on a grant and would now miss the deadline.

Well, we can't have that.

We at TPSF are in this for the teachers and the students. I made a mistake by not ensuring every area had been changed to indicate the accurate date. I discussed with the officers and grant committee chairs and we all agree. We don't want our teachers to miss out on an opportunity that might be the one that makes the difference in a student's life. We are inclusive rather than exclusive.

So, we are extending the deadline by one week: October 8.

Yes, by all means, please try to get your grants in by October 1. Our grant committee has a big job every year. But if you had gone to the application page and been confused by seeing a different deadline, you have one more week: October 8. Also, if you had hoped to write a grant, but run out of time, here's your sign that you should do it now. Go and be awesome.

Good luck! Deadline will be officially cut off at midnight on October 8.

Click here for application.
Click here for rubric.
Click here to donate.

Thank you for your support.

Brandi Barnett
TPSF president, 2017-2018

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