Saturday, September 9, 2017

Every Super Teacher Needs a Sidekick

Evil is afoot! It slinks through our city, our streets, our schools; cloaked with a cape and mask of indifference, hiding in plain sight, leaving a taste of despair and desolation upon the tongues of our community. 
Only one thing can break the bonds and destroy the evil: blasts of compassion and love wielded by our very own super teachers.  
But, alas, they cannot do it alone. 
Every super teacher needs a side kick--a league of civil servants, replenishing energy and power, dispensing money to support the fight, supporting the super teacher and preparing them the battle of educating a society. The super teacher need only ask, and the civil servants will be called to arms! But, sadly, the civil servants only appear at full strength during a season known to the average man and woman as Grant Submissions. It is during this time the civil servants can award the super teachers with full power. 
How does a super teacher take advantage of this optimum time for power? By filling out a grant application between the corn moon and the harvest moon, October 1, 2017. The civil servants, known as the Tahlequah Public Schools Foundation, stand ready for battle and are awaiting the applications, ready to help super teachers pull back the mask of indifference of educating our children and make the community a place free of evil.

Be a super teacher and apply for your side kick today!!! And, super teachers ALWAYS follow rules for the best sidekicks, so be sure follow the application information and the rubric!

Email application to by October 1.

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