Monday, November 11, 2013

Grant Writing Tips for Teachers 2013

Live action shot this afternoon of the secondary teachers ready for in-service
Hey, teachers! Tahlequah Public Schools Foundation wants to make your vision for the classroom a reality. Here are some tips that foundation members Barbara Allen and Brandi Barnett shared today with prospective recipients to help them apply for grants:

Follow instructions. Break down each section and answer everything. We don't need the writing to flow like Shakespeare, but we do need all of the facts.
Keep in mind who we are.  Read our website.  Read our mission statement and history.  It’s not long.  In brief, “The Foundation does not replace funds for education. Rather its goals are to nourish excellence and help provide a broader range of educational experiences for our students.”
Stay in our wheelhouse.  If funding is supplied elsewhere, we generally say no.  We’d love to say yes to every applicant, but we currently don’t have the funding. Likewise, even if we are as passionate about the proposal as the educator, but the proposal fits outside of our mission, then we do not fund it. For example, we do not fund furniture or trips.
Research works in your favor.  If you request a large chunk of cash, we prefer to know there is research that backs up the impact it will have on the students.  Most of the applicants that get an automatic approval are the ones that follow directions and have educational research supporting their claims. If we feel that thought has been put into the proposal, then we trust thought will be applied to the process.

Include a budget.  Many items require batteries or chargers, covers, stands, etc.  Make sure you include all of the supplemental items necessary. Many applicants overlook shipping and handling. 

A picture is worth a thousand words.Your application is more attractive if you submit a photo of the requested item.  This act helps the committee better understand the item(s) requested.
Be creative!  We want to “provide a broader range of educational experiences for our students.” We love when teachers approach the classroom in a fresh and exciting way.  Get your research together. Make your plan.  Give us your idea. We might just say yes.
Don't miss the deadline.  Complete the form online and submit. Easy as that. 
We are so excited to see the inspired grant submissions this year. Keep up the good work, Tahlequah!