Thursday, May 11, 2017

First Time Ever: Blind Date With a Book and a Bottle

Barnes and Noble 

has teamed up with Tomcat Liquor 

to help TPSF create our first ever Blind Date With a Book and a Bottle.

For only $30, you can select a brown paper bag.  A label on the bag will hint at its contents. It might say something like, "If you want to eat like Tony Soprano, then spend some time with this!"  The bag will contain a book and a beverage that has been carefully paired.

Just like a blind date, you don't know if you will get a trendy, hot title of the week or a classic beauty.

We guarantee there will be no duds! Who can go wrong with a book and a bottle, right?

People who are over 21 can purchase a bag with a book and a bottle of wine that has been matched to the book.  We will also have alcohol-free options that are paired for those under 21.

Friday, May 5, 2017

What's the difference between VIP and regular admission?

TPSF Uncorked is open to the public and free of charge so everyone can celebrate our schools. Free admission will get you yummy food from Napoli's, RibCrib, Chilango's, and Reasor's. Enjoy the opportunity to donate money through a variety of fun ways: ring toss from Tomkat Liquor, Blind Date With a Book and a Bottle from Barnes & Noble and Tomkat Liquor, door prize tickets, silent auction, and live auction. 

HOWEVER, if you like adult beverages....

The VIP room will cost you, but it is so worth it. $25 in advance or $30 at the door will gain you access to the tasting room and two door prize tickets ($10 value).

Sommelier Heather Ezell has teamed up with Mary's Liquor, Deep Branch Winery, and Reasor's to create a menu to delight your senses. Throughout the evening, she will take the stage to educate guests on pairing food and wine and beer.

 Each VIP attendee will receive a tasting card with twelve tastes of whichever combination of beverages you choose. If you find something you like, stop by Mary's Liquor's booth and order your favorites for your home. All proceeds go to TPSF.

The first 200 VIP tickets sold will receive a commemorative wine glass. Tickets are available at Mary's Liquor.

At this point, only 33 numbered VIP tickets remain, so get yours today.