Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Glow Golf was a Glowing Success!

Thank you, Tahlequah, for joining us for another fun-filled night at the Tahlequah City Golf Course. Mesha Sanchez, Kevin Burns, and Luke Foster led the Tahlequah Public Schools Foundation to a successful Glow Golf event.

Congratulations to Jerry Cook's team who won the scramble this year. The team took home a Yeti cooler and tumblers courtesy of Dower Combs and Premier Consulting Partners. The tumblers each included a $50 gift certificate from Buffalo Wild Wings. Thank you to those businesses for their support.

Our long time supporter Document Imaging Solutions provided televisions as prizes again this year. They were for Skill Shots as well as a door prize. JD Carey took home the door prize.

Both wacky skill shots were won by the same man this year.  You probably want him on your team, next year. Congratulations, Nathan Limore!

Thanks to all of our teams: Ace Facilities, Armstrong Bank, BancFirst, Bill's Body Shop/ Locke Supply, C21 Wright Real Estate, JD Carey, Jerry Cook, DOE Bus Crew, First Flight, First State Bank, NEO Health, Northeastern Health System, Tahlequah Middle School, One Degree, American Fidelity. Check out our Facebook event page for the team pics.

We'd also like to thank Love's Bottling for providing the the non-alcoholic beverages, Walmart for supplying the food, and Mary's Liquor for supplying the adult beverages.

The evening would not have gone as smoothly without help from two organizations. The men of Lambda Chi Alpha from NSU served as caddies. THS S-Club ladies volunteered again with food, set up, registration, clean up and pumpkin decor.  If you know anyone associated with these organizations, please thank them. It truly has been a smoother event with their participation.

Also, our Friends of the Foundation and Partners make it possible for us to host events to raise money and ensure that all other donations go toward our cause and not overhead.  Please thank them when you have the opportunity.

Friends of the Foundation

American Fidelity
Celeste Looney Insurance
Century 21 Wright Real Estate
Downtown Family Dentistry
Green Country Cinema
Riverhawk Nutrition
TRA Photography

TPSF Partners
First Flight
Mary's Liquor
Hank and Jeannie Van Veen
Northeastern Health System

We'll see you next year!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Glow Golf is Thursday

Hey, Glow Golfers!

We look forward to seeing you Thursday. We have the following teams registered:

First Flight
ACE Facilities
JD Carey
Locke Supply, Inc.
Northeastern Health System
One Degree
Jerry Cook
Armstrong Bank
Century 21 Wright Real Estate
Childers Architecture
Arvest Bank
Bill’s Body Shop
DOE Bus Crew

First State Bank
Felts Shoes
Tahlequah Middle School
NEO Health

If you want a team, click here for the registration form and let us know. If you thought you were signed up and don't see your team's name, then please contact us on Facebook or at tpsfoundation at gmail dot com or call Mesha (918) 931-1799.

If you aren't able to make a team of 4 for the scramble, you may still participate with opportunities to win a large screen tv with our Dinner & 2 Skill Shots Bundle for $50, or try your hand at either or both of the skill shots which are unlimited purchases and only $10 per chance. Even non-golfers have a shot at winning.

Did we mention prizes? You could win a big-screen HD TV just by being present. Drawing will be at the end of the night. We are also giving away TVs to the winners of the putting and chipping contests. The winning team scores a Yeti cooler and 4 Yeti tumblers, each with $50 Buffalo Wild Wings gift cards.  Sweet prizes, dinner, drinks, night golf, fun with friends...

What are you waiting for?  It's "glowing" down this Thursday!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Glow Golf 2017

 Is playing golf your superpower?
 A few team spots are still available for our award winning Glow Golf scramble!

1. Complete this form. 
2. Contact us at tpsfoundation at gmail dot com or go to our TPSF Facebook page and send us a message on Facebook. 
3. Follow our event page on Facebook to learn more exciting details. 

Thank you for supporting Tahlequah Public Schools Foundation.
We will see you soon.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Extension on Grant Proposals

Dear teachers,

We announced at the Welcome Back session before school that we heard your requests and are giving the grants earlier this year so the deadline was moved to October 1. We sent emails, letters, blog posts and Facebook posts. We placed it on posters plastered around town and at each school site.

However, we left the old deadline on a very important place on our website. It was brought to our attention yesterday that at least one teacher thought the deadline was the old deadline and had been working very hard on a grant and would now miss the deadline.

Well, we can't have that.

We at TPSF are in this for the teachers and the students. I made a mistake by not ensuring every area had been changed to indicate the accurate date. I discussed with the officers and grant committee chairs and we all agree. We don't want our teachers to miss out on an opportunity that might be the one that makes the difference in a student's life. We are inclusive rather than exclusive.

So, we are extending the deadline by one week: October 8.

Yes, by all means, please try to get your grants in by October 1. Our grant committee has a big job every year. But if you had gone to the application page and been confused by seeing a different deadline, you have one more week: October 8. Also, if you had hoped to write a grant, but run out of time, here's your sign that you should do it now. Go and be awesome.

Good luck! Deadline will be officially cut off at midnight on October 8.

Click here for application.
Click here for rubric.
Click here to donate.

Thank you for your support.

Brandi Barnett
TPSF president, 2017-2018

Monday, September 18, 2017

Super Hero Monday

Our teachers are super heroes every day. Monday is no different. Today we highlight Super Teacher Kym Tinsley; time traveler. Here's her stats:

Name: Kym Tinsley

College graduated from : Bachelors 2006, Masters 2017

Degree: Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education; Masters of Education in 21st Century Teaching and Learning

Current position at TPS: Instructional Technology Coordinator 

Hobbies: gardening, spending time with my nieces and nephews, reading

Why do you want to be a teacher?: I have always wanted to be a teacher so I can share my love of learning with students.

Biggest high of teaching you have experienced: My biggest high of teaching is being able to work with students every single day and see them understand a concept we have been working on. To see the understanding in their eyes is what keeps me doing what I do. 

Biggest low of teaching you have experienced: My biggest low would be the negative publicity that education receives. There are amazing things happening in schools everyday, but the negative publicity takes the focus off the amazing.

Who is your super hero? My super hero is my sister!

If you could have a super hero power, what would it be? I would choose time travel! I would love to go back in time and visit places during different time periods. Traveling to the future would also be awesome!

Kym and other SUPER TEACHERS need a side kick; a supporter to help continue the fight for our students. To donate for support of the teacher grants (October 1, deadline), please mail the donation to Tahlequah Public Schools Foundation, 1 Plaza South, PMB #276, Tahlequah, OK 74464 or visit our website at this link for electronic donations. 

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Every Super Teacher Needs a Sidekick

Evil is afoot! It slinks through our city, our streets, our schools; cloaked with a cape and mask of indifference, hiding in plain sight, leaving a taste of despair and desolation upon the tongues of our community. 
Only one thing can break the bonds and destroy the evil: blasts of compassion and love wielded by our very own super teachers.  
But, alas, they cannot do it alone. 
Every super teacher needs a side kick--a league of civil servants, replenishing energy and power, dispensing money to support the fight, supporting the super teacher and preparing them the battle of educating a society. The super teacher need only ask, and the civil servants will be called to arms! But, sadly, the civil servants only appear at full strength during a season known to the average man and woman as Grant Submissions. It is during this time the civil servants can award the super teachers with full power. 
How does a super teacher take advantage of this optimum time for power? By filling out a grant application between the corn moon and the harvest moon, October 1, 2017. The civil servants, known as the Tahlequah Public Schools Foundation, stand ready for battle and are awaiting the applications, ready to help super teachers pull back the mask of indifference of educating our children and make the community a place free of evil.

Be a super teacher and apply for your side kick today!!! And, super teachers ALWAYS follow rules for the best sidekicks, so be sure follow the application information and the rubric!

Email application to tpsfgrants@gmail.com by October 1.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How can you be a superhero? Do something just like this.

Donation opportunities
Deadline September 15

$15,000 Partnership
  • Glow Golf: 2 teams, glow golf materials, dinner
  • Uncorked: 12 pairing tickets to Uncorked, 2 reserved tables,  and two bottles of wine
  • Headliner recognition on all 2017-2018 school year digital, electronic, and print media after September 15
  • Tahlequah Public Schools Foundation 2017-2018 partner sticker
  • Recognition on Facebook cover photo throughout school year
$10,000 Partnership

  • Glow Golf: 1 team, glow golf materials, dinner
  • Uncorked: 6 pairing tickets to Uncorked, reserved table, and one bottle of wine
  • Headliner recognition on all 2017-2018 school year digital, electronic, and print media after September 15
  • Tahlequah Public Schools Foundation 2017-2018 partner sticker
  • Recognition on Facebook cover photo throughout school year
$5000 Partnership
  • Choose one:
    • Glow Golf: 1 team, glow golf materials, dinner
    • Uncorked: 6 pairing tickets to Uncorked and reserved table
  • Headliner recognition on all 2017-2018 school year digital, electronic, and print media after September 15
  • Tahlequah Public Schools Foundation 2017-2018 partner sticker
  • Recognition on Facebook cover photo throughout school year
$500 Friends of the Foundation
  • name on banner at both events
$300 Event Sponsor
  • recognition at your choice of either Glow Golf or Uncorked
$? Name your amount. We gratefully accept tax-deductible donations in any amount.

Mail donations to Tahlequah Public Schools Foundation at 1 Plaza South PMB#276 Tahlequah, OK 74464

Please contact us on Facebook Messenger or at tpsfoundation at gmail dot com if you have any questions.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Our calendar for 2017-2018

Children dream of superheroes. 

Tahlequah Public Schools Foundation is not a group of superheroes.  Educators are superheroes. Lack of funding is their kryptonite.  Teachers know what our schools need. Help us help them.

You can be a superhero, too. How do you make a difference? Donate.  

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Grants in Action: Space Camp 2017

Mrs. Rader sent us an email about the Space Camp TPSF funded through donations from our community.  Her enthusiastic commentary and the children's faces really tell the story of what a difference a donation can make.

From Mrs. Rader:

Imagining a trip to Mars!  We researched using books from our grant and made green screen pics!

Building and programming Mars Rovers with our Lego WEDO 2.0 Robotics Kits...thank you TPSF!

Launching Aquapod Rockets on graduation day--this launcher was funded through the grant.
Engineering "lunar Landers" --watching with anticipation during our egg drop trials.
We even got to investigate real lunar and meteorite samples on loan from NASA while reading our Who Was Neil Armstrong biographies!
Watching a new crew of astronauts join the International Space Station while we cared for our Tomatosphere seeds. Half of the seeds stayed on Earth. The other half spent a  month on the Space Station. We loved doing real science for NASA.

If you'd like to make a difference in public education and help support students and teachers, please make your tax deductible donation to Tahlequah Public Schools Foundation.  

Thursday, May 11, 2017

First Time Ever: Blind Date With a Book and a Bottle

Barnes and Noble 

has teamed up with Tomcat Liquor 

to help TPSF create our first ever Blind Date With a Book and a Bottle.

For only $30, you can select a brown paper bag.  A label on the bag will hint at its contents. It might say something like, "If you want to eat like Tony Soprano, then spend some time with this!"  The bag will contain a book and a beverage that has been carefully paired.

Just like a blind date, you don't know if you will get a trendy, hot title of the week or a classic beauty.

We guarantee there will be no duds! Who can go wrong with a book and a bottle, right?

People who are over 21 can purchase a bag with a book and a bottle of wine that has been matched to the book.  We will also have alcohol-free options that are paired for those under 21.

Friday, May 5, 2017

What's the difference between VIP and regular admission?

TPSF Uncorked is open to the public and free of charge so everyone can celebrate our schools. Free admission will get you yummy food from Napoli's, RibCrib, Chilango's, and Reasor's. Enjoy the opportunity to donate money through a variety of fun ways: ring toss from Tomkat Liquor, Blind Date With a Book and a Bottle from Barnes & Noble and Tomkat Liquor, door prize tickets, silent auction, and live auction. 

HOWEVER, if you like adult beverages....

The VIP room will cost you, but it is so worth it. $25 in advance or $30 at the door will gain you access to the tasting room and two door prize tickets ($10 value).

Sommelier Heather Ezell has teamed up with Mary's Liquor, Deep Branch Winery, and Reasor's to create a menu to delight your senses. Throughout the evening, she will take the stage to educate guests on pairing food and wine and beer.

 Each VIP attendee will receive a tasting card with twelve tastes of whichever combination of beverages you choose. If you find something you like, stop by Mary's Liquor's booth and order your favorites for your home. All proceeds go to TPSF.

The first 200 VIP tickets sold will receive a commemorative wine glass. Tickets are available at Mary's Liquor.

At this point, only 33 numbered VIP tickets remain, so get yours today.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

First Time Live Auction

Uncorked has gained the reputation of being a good, good time.  Each year it gets bigger and better. The silent auctions and door prizes have worked so well, we thought we'd try throwing in a LIVE AUCTION...with a twist.

Tahlequah Lumber has generously (aren't they always?) donated three Yeti coolers.

Yes, three Yeti coolers.

On May 12, 2017, after each Yeti cooler has been auctioned, the winners will open them.

Inside one of them is a special prize: 

a $100 gift certificate to Rum Runners!

You know you want it.

All proceeds go to Tahlequah Public Schools Foundation.

Thank you to Tahlequah Lumber and Rum Runners!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

So...what exactly is Uncorked?

Uncorked is Tahlequah Public Schools Foundation's annual celebration of schools on Friday, May 12, 2017, from 7-9 pm at the Armory on 100 N. Water Street.  We congratulate our grant recipients and kick off the fundraising for next year. Last year we raised over $10,000. This year, we hope to raise more. Uncorked is a party where the whole community is invited to celebrate the employees at TPS who do so much for our children.

Be comfortable, join the fun, and throw a little money at education. Napoli's, Rib Crib, Chilango's and Reasor's have donated food and beverages. TPSF's partner Northeastern Health System has donated a Starbuck's coffee bar. Enjoy these complimentary items as you stroll through about 90 auction items and door prizes.

Items will be sectioned off with three separate closing times throughout the evening. Why? If you can't stay all night, we want you to still be able to have a bidding war and take home prizes.

Every TPS employee and VIP ticket will receive a free door prize ticket.  More are available for $5 each or 5 for $20.  Libby and Brandi will roam the crowd and sell more throughout the night.  They can also be purchased at the VIP ticket area. Drop your ticket(s) in the bucket beside an item you want to win.  Who knows? You may win a helicopter ride for only a $5!

Better buy lots of tickets just to be sure.

Tahlequah Lumber has generously donated THREE Yeti coolers.  We will hold a live auction for each one.  After the last one has been auctioned, the winners may open them. Inside one of them will be a $100 gift certificate from Rum Runners.

Didn't see that coming, did you?

Tomkat Liquor is joining us this year with a booth. Half of the proceeds from their booth will go to Tahlequah High School's Save a Senior, which is an evening event after graduation in which students can safely and legally celebrate.

Tomkat and Barnes and Noble have participated a fun combination of grab bags.  For only $30, you can select a brown paper bag with a book and bottle inside.  You don't know what the book and bottle are, but there will be a hint of the contents--just like a blind date!

At the exit, Mary's Liquor will be taking orders for wines and beers enjoyed at the VIP area. Proceeds will go to Tahlequah Public Schools Foundation. Stock up and give back at the same time.

Cheers to that!

You must have a wrist band to enter and the first 200 tickets get a commemorative wine glass. Here we will recognize our grant recipients, receive an education on the food and beverage pairings, and be entertained by Tahlequah Show Choir and a live band. Tickets to the VIP area are $25 in advance or $30 at the door.  Advanced tickets may be purchased at Mary's Liquor, The Right Angle Photography, Celeste Looney Insurance, and Aerofit.

Heather is back this year and we are giving her the stage.  Several times throughout the evening, she will take the mic to share her knowledge on why the menu pairings from Reasors, Mary's Liquor, and Deep Branch Winery are so perfect.  She will be available all night for questions.  We at TPSF believe in education.  Listen to Heather, and you will definitely leave feeling more knowledgeable.

Psst! Heather also hosts tasting parties. Schedule one with her, and you'll learn even more with her cozier tutorial.

The Branch is hosting an after party for anyone who doesn't feel that 7-9 pm is adequate time to celebrate our schools.  They are sharing a percentage of the proceeds with TPSF.

We have a great community!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Uncorked 2017 is Near!

You've probably seen these posters around town. We are so excited that Uncorked is just around the corner.  In the next few weeks, we will be sharing more exciting details with you.  Please go to Facebook and like our events page Uncorked 2017.  We've been posting fabulous auction items and will update it with more exciting news.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Fund Grants We Will

One of TPSF's favorite times of year is when we get to announce the grant recipients.  This year we did a Star Wars themed skit to honor our teachers. Thank you to all the teachers who applied and congratulations to all who received the grants. 

Carol Horn, Sasha Faulkner

Jessica Morrison, Gina Fisher, Amy Batie and Leslie Booth

Leslie Richardson, Elizabeth Rader, Heather Moles, Deena Jones, Kym Tinsley, 

Kristin Wadley, Rebecca Parish, Patrice Thornton, Shelli Lamons

Russel Hudgens, Amy Wright

Gabriela Veith, Amelia Brown, Lisa Yahola

May the Force of Education be with you. We at TPSF appreciate you and enjoy lighting the path  towards excellence with you.