Friday, January 22, 2016

TPSF Prize Patrol 2016

Funding for education has everyone feeling "inside out" these days. Tahlequah Public Schools Foundation is a group of volunteers who raise money to fund grants for schools. Thanks to the donations from our generous community, we were able to announce the grant recipients on Friday, January 21, 2015.  

It appears the cast of Inside Out joined TPSF members to congratulate the teachers!


Tahlequah High School
Robotics Instruction STEMAwareness Megan Bloom
Chromebooks for Biology Amelia Brown
Advancing Technology in Fine Arts Ellie Vega
Improving Special Education Mathematics Mandi Jordan

Tahlequah Middle School
Oh the Places We Will Go--Summer Arts Academy  David Fuller/Amy Wright

Heritage and Central
Making Our Mark With Edmark Reading: Reaching All Learners Jackie Bonner and Rebecca Parrish

Heritage Elementary
Engaged Bodies Mean Engaged Minds Shelli Lamons
Learning Through Technology Kelli Tibbits

Cherokee Elementary
May I have your Attention, Please? Bethany David
Math in a Flash Gina Fisher
A Path Toward Mathematical Discoveries Amie Batie
Wires, Wires Everywhere and Not One Fully Charged! Jessica Morrison

Speech Buddies for Speech Therapy Emily Friese

Greenwood Elementary
Active Learning Through Mobility Chrissy Waldhoer
Building Classroom Libraries Lorie McGee
STREAM: Locating the Einstein in Every Child Deena Jones
Mobile Engineering Lab Shelli Cox
Math Reads Brooke Anderson
One-to-World Kym Tinsley
Stem Enrichment Mobile Classroom Lori Freymuth

Sequoyah Elementary
Discovery Science Lab Carol Horn