Wednesday, May 6, 2015

So, let me get this straight...

Tahlequah Public Schools Foundation is hosting Uncorked 2015: Celebrating Teachers on Thursday, May 7, at the Spider Gallery on Muskogee Avenue?

The mayor has even named the day in Tahlequah Celebrating Teachers Day?

Admission is free to participate in door prizes and auction items?

TPS employees and teachers get extra tickets for chance to win special prizes?

Teachers can even win a substitute for the day?

Wine, cheese, and food will be available for $25 each or 2 for $40?

I can buy wine to take home?

All money raised helps this foundation support our schools?


Join us!

Uncorked 2015: Celebrating Teachers
Thursday, May 7
Spider Gallery

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Door prizes!

We've talked a lot about how we've added door prizes this year.  Here are the times we are giving away the goods.  You must be present to win. 

Note that there are two different lists. One is for our community patrons and the other is for TPS employees. That's right. They have an additional drawing. It is their party, after all.  PLUS, there will be another drawing each hour to give a substitute to three lucky teachers.  You don't want to miss Uncorked 2015!

Door Prizes

6:15 Studio22 (Aleah Young) – gift certificate $30
NSU Barnes & Noble - pullover
Drip – a drink a day for one week

6:30 Rib Crib BBQ basket
Onstage Dance - one-month tuition
Boulevard – gift certificate $25
Cherokee baskets by Merle Welch

6:45 Quahfit Elite – gift certificate $60
NSU football shirt
Southern Bling – gift certificate $20
Nails by Jo – spa pedicure

7:00 Studio 22 (Priscilla Valdez) – gift certificate $30
Onstage - one-month tuition
Meigs Jewelry – Vera Bradley wallet
Hang Zen – stand-up paddleboard yoga

7:15 Studio22 (Rachel Dobbs) – gift certificate $30
THS Games - athletic passes
Vivid Salon – spa treatment
K-nex building system

7:30 Rib Crib BBQ basket
Tommy Nix – oil and filter change
NSU Barnes & Noble - shirt

7:45 Yeti tumbler 20 oz. and visor from Tahlequah Lumber
Wailani’s – body scrub and Hawaiian chocolates
31 thermal tote (Sam Davis)
Purple basket set by Merle Welch

8:00 Quahfit Elite – gift certificate $60
Remedy Blu (Daniel Aaron) – cut and style
NSU XL football shirt

8:15 Sooner Plant Farm – gift certificate $50
Oasis Health Foods – gift certificate $50
Gigglebox – lunch box and plate set

Must be present to collect door prizes

Door Prizes
TPS Employees

6:15 NSU Barnes & Noble - wine glass
Studio 22 (Priscilla Valdez) – gift certificate $30
Purple and blue basket set by Merle Welch

6:30 Substitute (teacher’s day off)
Vivid Salon – Spa Treatment

6:45 Felts OU watch & red and white basket by Merle Welch
Rib Crib BBQ basket

7:00 Quahfit Elite – gift certificate $60
Striped pen basket by Merle Welch

7:15 Yeti tumbler 20 oz. and visor from Tahlequah Lumber
NSU XL football shirt

7:30 Substitute

7:45 Stella and Dot necklace from Ashley Taulbert

8:00 Onstage Dance – one-month tuition
Drip – a drink a day for one week

8:15 Nails by Jo – service (gel toes)
Hang Zen – t-shirt

8:30 Substitute

Must be present to collect door prizes

Sneak Peek at Uncorked 2015 Auction Items

Thanks to our supportive community, you can shop and support Tahlequah Public Schools Foundation at the same time!

Auction Room 1
Closes at 8:15

•Cook's Companion (Dina Lippert)Pizza Oven - $300 value

•J&K Dump Trucking (Jason Copeland) - 18 tons of 1 ½ crusher run, driveway rock (dump truck load delivered within Cherokee County) - $275 value

•Century 21 (Tommye Wright) - Bob Dylan Tickets at Hard Rock - $243.80 value

•TRA Photography - $250 photo gift card toward new session and prints  - $250 value

•Tanya Jones - ruby and diamond ring - $250 value

•Dotson Vision Care - polarized glasses and eye exam - $260 value

•Ghost Mobile Detailing – auto detail service - $200 value

•Health First Chiropractic - new patient consultation, x-ray, adjustment, and therapeutic basket (Garden of Life organic plant protein, shaker bottle, Sombra) - $230 value

•Hard Rock Hotel & Casino: one night for two and two buffets - $175 value

•CN Gift Shop - prints by Cecil Dick, striped basket by Merle Welch, NDN Custom Framing frame, $50 gift certificate - $155 value

Auction Room 2
Closes at 8:00

•Robotics Academy of Critical Engagement and Cappi Wadley - Reading and Technology Robotics camp at NSU - $150 value

•Tahlequah Crossfit - 1-month membership and gift basket -  $145 value

•Celeste Looney Insurance (Garrett and Brandi Barnett) - Fitbit Charge Activity Tracker - $130 value

•A Bloom - flower arrangement and $50 gift certificate - (must be present at end of auction) - $100 value

•Tahlequah Soccer Club - 1-year soccer registration and 3 t-shirts - $115 value

•Remedy Blu (Ashley Hunt) - Goldwell shampoo & mask and
Cut & style - $90 value

•Mustard Seed (Sharon Copeland) - Vintage Pearl necklace and gift certificate - $90 value

•NEO Health – Native American Print - $100 value

Auction Room 3
Closes at 7:45

•Wailani’s- girl’s toy set - $70 value

•Tahlequah Cable – camping tent - $68 value

•Skatehouse - birthday party package - $65 value

•Tahlequah Cable – 20” bike - $50 value

•Dona Lusk - therapeutic massage - $50 value

•Riverhawks Soccer - 1/2-day soccer camp - $55 value

•K-9 Acres Pet Resort (Heidi Carter) - Scentsy gift basket - $50 value

•Baker's Furniture – Parisian lamp - $59 value

•CN Gift Shop – print by Cecil Dick and blue & white basket by Merle Welch - $50 value

•Court Spa (Courtney Holt)full set of lash extensions - $180 value

Scott Rosenthal autographed memorabilia - $50 value

Monday, May 4, 2015

2015 Uncorked Wine and Beer List

No matter how much we've added to our Uncorked event this year, some things never change. We continue to enjoy the support of Mary's Liquor who has provided wine and beer yet again for our wine and cheese pairings.  When you find one--or several--you like, they will also have bottles for purchase.  A portion of all proceeds go to Tahlequah Public Schools Foundation. 

Here's a sneak peek:

2015 Uncorked Wine & Beer List

San Angelo Pinot Grigio
·       Vintage:  2013
·       Wine Spectator Score:  89
·       Origin:  Tuscany, Italy
·       Description:  Fresh and succulent, this offers white peach and grapefruit flavors, with a hint of orange peel. Balanced and moderately long.
·       Retail Price:  $21.35

Wild Oats Chardonnay
·       Vintage:  2012
·       Wine Spectator Score:  90
·       Origin:  Australia
·       Desciption:  This sleek and silky white exhibits pretty pear, green apple and floral aromas and flavors that glide smoothly through the long finish, where they echo enticingly.
·       Retail Price:  $15.50

A to Z Wineworks Pinot Noir
·       Vintage:  2011
·       Wine Spectator Score:  90
·       Origin:  Oregon
·       Description:  This sleek red is tightly packed, with delicate layers of cherry, tobacco and cocoa flavors that mingle against refined tannins, persisting pleasantly on the light-stepping finish.
·       Retail Price:  $22.70

Acrobat Rosé
·       Vintage:  2012
·       Wine Spectator Score:  87
·       Origin:  Oregon
·       Description:  Refreshing, with watermelon and Meyer lemon flavors that lilt delicately on the dry finish.
·       Retail Price: $16.15

Kung Fu Girl Riesling                                                                                                           
·       Vintage:  2013
·       Wine Spectator Score:  91
·       Origin:  Washington
·       Description:  Crisp and sleek, with juicy, expansive nectarine and peach flavors that play against citrusy acidity, finishing with zing and a sense of softness that lets the finish keep singing.
·       Retail Price:  $15.35
Mia Dolcea Moscato D’Asti
·       Vintage:  2011
·       Origin:  Italy
·       Description:  Soft, sweet and luscious with flavors of pineapple, fresh apricot and honey.
·       Retail Price: $15.95

The Great American Wine Company Cabernet Sauvignon
·       Vintage: 2012
·       Origin: California
·       Description: The nose is big and captivating, offering heady dark fruit, cigar box, leather and dried sage. The palate is smooth and supple, with juicy boysenberry and black cherry flavors. It is layered with toasty oak spices, followed by firm tannins and a long, flavorful finish.
·       Retail Price: $11.50
·       Special Notes:  In tribute to American heroes, The Great American Wine Company proudly donates to US Military charities.

Korbel Brut Rosé
·       Vintage: No Vintage
·       Origin: California
·       Description:  Peppery black cherry and wild berry aromas are lean and firm on the palate, giving it a crisp, refreshing mouthfeel.
·       Retail Price: $14.75

 Abita Brewing Co.; Amber Lager
  • Beer Advocate Score: 89
  • Origin: Louisiana
  • Description:
    • Appearance:  Amber color with fine clarity.
    • Nose:  Nice malty nose with some sugar notes
    • Taste: It’s a caramel sweetness countered by a bittersweet hoppiness. It’s pretty impressive actually. I taste some breadniess, and other complexities.
  • Retail Price: $8.85/6pk

Food and beverage tickets are available at 
Mary's Liquor, Health First Chiropractic, Celeste Looney Insurance, and TRA Photography. 
$25 each or 2/$40. 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Can you tell me more about door prizes at Uncorked 2015?

How do I get a door prize ticket?

Answer these questions:

Are you going to Uncorked 2015: Celebrating Teachers on May 7 from 6-9 at the Spider Gallery?
Are you a TPS employee?
Are you a TPS teacher?

"Yes" to any of the above questions gets you a door prize ticket.

So I can get up to three tickets just by walking in the door?


What if I want more?

If you participate in the wine and food pairings, then you will get an additional ticket. Wine & food tickets are available for purchase at door or pre-order at Celeste Looney Insurance, Health First Chiropractic and Mary's Liquor.

Cool.  What if I love the prizes so much that I really want to get an edge on the competition...and want more chances to win?

Additional door prize tickets will be available for purchase.  $3 each or 2 for $5.

I can hardly wait.  Who would want to miss such a great event?

Good question.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Uncorked 2015 is Different

TPSF is so excited about our upcoming event Uncorked 2015: Celebrating Teachers.  If you've celebrated with us in the past, you'll see lots of changes.  Here's what to expect from Thursday, May 7.

Admission is free.  Win door prizes and participate in silent auction.  Our community has poured support into this event, providing many prizes for participants to take home. If you work in the schools, drop by and be appreciated. If you are a community member, here's your chance to thank them for their hard work.  

Wine and food pairings are $25 each or 2/$40.  As always, Mary's Liquor has donated a variety of tasty wines and we've paired them with cheese.   Your favorite wine from Mary's Liquor will be available for purchase, and proceeds will go to Tahlequah Public Schools Foundation. What's new? Local restaurants have donated food to the event. So, your wine and food ticket get you a lot more for your money. Tickets are available at the door or for pre-purchase at Celeste Looney Insurance, Health First Chiropractic, and Mary's Liquor.

Join us May 7 from 6-9 at the Spider Gallery.  We are focused on having fun during Teacher Appreciation Week.